Just In: Hundreds of Brand New, Major Brand Name Tires

discountdealsShopping for winter tires? Need to replace one tire or a whole set?

Champtires.com just received a shipment of hundreds and hundreds of BRAND NEW tires. We are passing the savings on to you – save at least 30% off each tire!

We have all of the major brands – Bridgestone, Firestone, etc – in a variety of sizes, including the ones listed below.

Do not wait: tires at low prices like these will not be around long. How can you take advantage of these rock-bottom prices?

  • Shop our website, Champtires.com. All orders placed through our website receive free shipping!
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New tire sizes available include:

195/65/11     215/60/16     245/75/16     265/75/16     265/70/16     215/55/17     235/55/17     245/65/17     265/70/17     215 /55/18     225/50/18     235/55/18     285/45/22

Search our website or call 412-462-3000 to see if we have the exact size and/or brand that you need.


Cold Weather and Your Tires

Cold Weather And Your Tires

coldweathertireDriving safely in cold temperatures and winter weather conditions has a lot to do with your tires.

Having the correct tire pressure is essential for proper handling. A temperature change of just 10 degrees can cause a ten percent reduction, or constriction, of air in tires. So tire pressure can be affected from day to night temperature – not to mention when the Polar Vortex hits!

Check the optimal tire pressure of your vehicle on the label inside the driver’s door frame or in the owner’s manual.

Worn tires—especially bald ones—can be deadly on wet or snow-covered roads, where the grooves aren’t deep enough to channel water or snow out from beneath the tread and affects control of the steering wheel. Wet-weather braking and snow traction also decrease as tires wear.

ConsumerReports.org has said about tire tread levels that, “Unfortunately, 2/32 of an inch may be too late if you drive in rain or snow. Based on our tests of new and half-tread-depth tires, you may want to consider shopping for new ones on your car or truck closer to the 4/32-inch groove depth.”

For information on how to quickly check tread levels, click here.

If your tires aren’t keeping pressure or have low tread, do not let the high cost of new tires scare you from fixing the problem. Champtires can help you get affordable, high-quality used tires with good tread levels – in any brand name or quantity that you need. Champtires also sells new tires at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere!

Champtires has two Pittsburgh locations!

Pittsburgh Store: 1319 Washington Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15206

West Mifflin Store: 1130 Lebanon Rd West Mifflin, PA 15122

Not in Pittsburgh?

Don’t worry – we offer FREE, fast shipping! Call 412-462-3000 or visit Champtires.com.


The Dangers of Driving With Worn Tires

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