Save on Car Leasing Turn-In Fees With Used Tires

Save on car lease turn-in fees

Do you lease your car?

Survive the tire part of the turn-in inspection by making sure your tread level will pass.

If there’s less than an eight of an inch of tread, you’re better off replacing the tires than paying the expensive fees.

[How to check your tread level.]

But don’t worry about spending a fortune on brand new tires for a car you’re turning back in! Replace them with high-quality used tires to save a substantial amount of money.

At Champtires, you can get one, two, three or a whole set of tires – in any brand name – with enough tread to make sure that you pass the lease turn-in inspection.

Call Champtires at 412-462-3000 or visit the store at 1130 Lebanon Road, West Mifflin, PA 15122 for more information.

If you don’t live in Pittsburgh, don’t worry – we offer same-day shipping! Call or visit


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