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We are not currently running any special offers, but our prices on new and premium used tires are the lowest you’ll find anywhere.

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About Champtires

Since 2009, Champtires has been providing drivers across the U.S. with the lowest prices on the highest quality used tires in every brand, size and tread level. Simply put, we save you money so that tires are not a source of financial strain on your life.

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Flat Tire? Don’t Stress

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Call us at 1-888-531-8473 or send an email. (We strive to reply within one business day.)

4 thoughts on “Current Specials

  1. Scott Novobilsky

    I have a 2010 f150 lariat 4×4 crew. 275/55/20. Looking for a set of 4 all terrain or M&S . If you could email me some options and prices I would appreciate it. Thank you

    1. We currently don’t have a set of four all terrain used – just regular highway treads. If you want prices on new, give us a call tomorrow (Saturday) between 9am-5pm EDT at 412-462-3000.

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