Four Fall Tire Tips

Check your tires, check your air pressure and other tips to stay safe on the roads.

Changing weather and shorter days can make fall tricky for safe driving, but it’s also the perfect time to prepare for what’s ahead.

The Car Care Council, a national nonprofit dedicated to car safety, has declared October “Fall Car Care Month” to help drivers learn the safety and economic benefits of regular vehicle care. And Consumer Reports says that fall is the best time to buy tires for winter.

Here are four more fall tire tips:

  • Always refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual and follow the recommended service schedule.
  • Check your tires. Driving on worn tires or tires with no tread is very dangerous. Typically, tire tread above 2/32 of an inch is considered to be adequate. However, some tests have shown that 4/32 is a much safer guideline to follow. Learn how to quickly inspect your tires. Wet road conditions can be extremely dangerous when tires have low tread. Reduce your risk of hydroplaning.
  • Check your tire pressure – cold weather can reduce tire pressure, and it’s safer to drive on tires that are properly inflated.
  • When temperatures dip below 45 degrees, it’s time to think about winter tires. Winter or “snow” tires are made from softer rubber that does a better job of gripping cold pavement. Winter treads are also specifically designed for snow and ice. Studded winter tires provide extra control but wait for snow pack. Studs don’t perform well in rain.

If your tires are worn or have low tread level, do not let the high cost of new tires scare you from fixing the problem. Champtires can help you get affordable, quality used tires with good tread depth – in any brand name or quantity that you need. Search our inventory and shop online now (free shipping is always included) or stop in at one of our three Pittsburgh-area tire stores.

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Why Buy Used Tires?

If you’re in the market for tires, considering used tires is a good choice if you’re looking to save money. However, not all used tire stores are created equally, so make sure that you purchase used tires from a reputable seller, such as Champtires.

Even if you just need to replace one tire, the cost of rubber has increased dramatically recently and has caused the price of brand new tires to skyrocket. High-quality used tires are a much more affordable option.

Used tires are also an environmentally friendly choice – you will be using a premium, recycled product.

Why Buy Used Tires From Champtires?

Champtires only sells the highest quality used tires. Every tire that enters Champtires’ warehouse is air-tested and quality-checked. Tires that do not meet our high standards are not sold.

I Only Need One Tire – Can I Still Buy Used?

Absolutely. You can buy one, two, three or a whole set of tires from Champtires. Our inventory is so massive that we can match the tread level and brand name that you need.

What Tire Sizes Does Champtires Carry?

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Cold Weather and Your Tires